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 Our Story


Camp Bob Marshall is located in the heart of the beautiful Black Hills, six miles east of Custer on the northeast shore of Bismarck Lake. Bob Marshall is on the west side of Custer State Park and close to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, Peak, Black Elk, Sylvan Lake, the Needles, Crazy Horse Monument, and Jewel Cave and Wind Cave National Parks.

The 17 acre site is operated by the Western Dakota Camp Association.



The Western Dakota Camp Association is committed to harvesting the wisdom of the outdoors and conservation by offering enriching experiences for youth, groups, and families. Our camp serves as a safe haven for gatherings, adventure, and learning, ensuring every visitor reaps the rewards of valuable memories and newfound knowledge.


Camp Bob Marshall was built in  the late 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

Located on the shores of Bismark Lake in Custer State Park, Camp Bob Marshall is managed in a partnership with the Western Dakota Camp Association and the U.S. Forest  Service.

For more than 60 years, Camp Bob Marshall has been host to youth and adults learning about conservation, leadership, culture, and having fun.

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